Completely cleared the cobwebs of my mind

The breath is millions of years old, and with conscious control of this vital system, we have the power to transform ourselves. I first experienced this myself at a breathwork session run by Matt, and safe to say I was blown away! The 90-minute session completely cleared the cobwebs of my mind and left me with clarity and a sense of optimism at the potential for these techniques to fuel a personal and cultural revolution of consciousness through experiencing and integrating our past into the endless present. I am very eager to continue this beautifully simple practice, and I’m grateful to Matt for the comprehensive introduction and for holding the space in a calm, warm manner.



Breathwork is my most effective selfcare tool

Breathwork is my most effective self-care tool, one that I always turn to when I need some healing, feel stuck, or feel I am falling into my old habit of thinking negatively or having self-limiting beliefs. On a personal level, I use it as a form of spiritual development and emotional therapy. It allows me to connect deeply to my inner self, allowing me to process and understand all the feelings in both my mind and body—and to help control these feelings and emotions at times of overwhelm, loss, or intense joy. Breathwork helps me to focus my mind and to detach myself from my immediate impulsive reactions, thoughts, and ideas. It makes it easier for me to cultivate a clear mind and an inner sense of peace and calm. By focusing on my breath, I find that it allows me to regulate my nervous system. It reduces my symptoms of stress and improves my emotional stability, inducing a state of relaxation. It promotes a sense of self-awareness, creating a deeper understanding of my emotional state, allowing me to identify and address negative patterns and beliefs that may be appearing and holding me back—while allowing me to regulate my emotions, giving me back my sense of control. As a result of this improvement in my overall emotional stability, breathwork increases my resilience going forward and fosters an immediate sense of wellbeing. Breathwork creates a profound feeling that is almost too hard to describe… It’s like giving myself a hug and telling myself that all is ok in the world.



Without a doubt, there has been a before and after in my life

As a yoga teacher and therapist, breathing techniques and pranayama are part of my routine, and I can feel the benefits in my physical, mental, and energetic body. In July 2022 I did breathwork training and discovered a new method of therapy, where I can access repressed emotions, connect with sustained bodily tensions, and connect with memories, visions, and altered states of consciousness—spiritual connection. Since then, I have been doing individual sessions helping and supporting different people of different nationalities. Each session is unique, a journey inward, sometimes abroad, going through phases of discomfort and other times of full joy and happiness. Less sensitive people are able to open their emotions and connect more deeply with their different bodies. I find these practices really valuable and necessary, a gem to share. On a personal level, I have included in my morning routine, sessions of about 20 minutes of breathwork combined with inhalation and exhalation retentions, and I can see the benefits reflected in my day in terms of concentration, conscious breathing, and lung capacity... among others. Without a doubt, there has been a before and after in my life, both as a practitioner and as a facilitator.



I felt a sense of calm and clarity that I had never experienced before

I have been suffering from anxiety and minor panic attacks for over 10 years. In an effort to manage my symptoms, I decided to try a breathwork session with Matthieu, who was recommended by a friend. The session was incredibly transformative and, combined with the daily breathing exercises he taught me, has changed my life for the better. The breathwork session with Matthieu involved a specific breathing technique called “Tetra Breathwork”. This technique involved breathing somewhat faster than normal, through my mouth and with deeper inhalations. I was surprised at how difficult this technique was at first, but Matthieu guided me through it and helped me to focus on my breath. After just a few minutes, I felt a sense of calm and clarity that I had never experienced before. I experienced a sense of euphoria and a true mind-body connection that I had never felt before. After the session, Matthieu taught me several different breathing exercises that I could practise on my own. He instructed me to take 5-minute breathing exercises 3 times a day and even set an alarm on my smartwatch to remind me to do so. I was sceptical at first, but I decided to give it a try. In the morning when I wake up, I do conscious connected breathing for 5 minutes. After lunch I do box breathing for 5 or 10 mins, and when I go to bed, I do 4-7-8 breathing until I fall asleep. And guess what? The daily exercises have had a profound impact on my life. I find that I am less anxious and better able to manage my panic attacks; it is now very rare that I might have one. And I also feel more focused and clear-headed throughout the day. I have even noticed that my sleep has improved. One of the most significant changes I have noticed is that I am better able to handle stress. Before, even small things would send me into a panic. Now, I am able to take a deep breath and approach the situation with a clear mind. I am also able to take a step back and look at things objectively rather than getting caught up in my own emotions. I have also noticed that my relationships have improved. I am less irritable and more patient with those around me, and I am better able to communicate my needs and express my feelings. Overall, I am incredibly grateful for my breathwork session with Matthieu and the daily breathing exercises he taught me. These simple practices have transformed my life and have helped me to manage my anxiety and panic attacks in a way that I never thought possible. Now, I make sure to take a few minutes to consciously breathe every day, and it has made a huge difference in my life. I feel more present and less anxious, and my sleep has improved as well. I feel like I have the tools to manage my anxiety and panic attacks, which is something I never thought was possible. I would recommend breathwork to anyone who is looking to improve their mental and emotional well-being.



How breathwork changed my life

How breathwork changed my life… I found breathwork at a time in my life when everything wasn’t going to plan. I was super stressed, anxious all the time, and always felt overwhelmed. I dabbled with breathwork over the past, but for me, Wim Hof was my first teacher to freedom, and finding his videos online 5 years ago was the start of my breathwork journey. Wim’s approach with the breath retentions created a calm in my body I hadn’t felt for so long, and I became addicted. My anxiety was slowly leaving, my nervous system was recovering, and my ADHD was better than ever, so much so that I no longer take my medication. My breathwork journey has been a bold, raw, but beautiful transformation of deep healing, and I have explored all types of breathwork. Holotropic and rebirthing are my go-to when I feel I need a release or deep healing. Breathwork is part of my life now, so much so I’ve even studied and become a breathwork facilitator myself. This magic needs to be shared, and I’m here for it. Don’t forget to breathe



Finding Her Inner Healer

Before I share with you my experience of the Breathwork with Matt, I would like to tell you a little bit about my story. In December 2019, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 42. I never thought that I would ever hear such a shocking diagnosis. I was living a healthy life, I was never smoking, no alcohol or drug abuse. But! From the other side, I was aware that illness could have psycho-somatic causes, and when I looked back at my life, I knew immediately that the main factor in my diagnosis was suppressed emotions. At the beginning, I was cooperating with doctors. I was supposed to undergo surgery and other treatments. But they changed the plan, and that gave me space to dig a little bit deeper into alternative options. I made a quick decision to organise fundraising, and within a few weeks I flew to Germany to a holistic clinic where I spent three weeks. It was a life-changing experience that opened a door to a different world for me. I started seeing things differently. Especially, I stopped seeing the conventional treatment as a solution for me; it actually did not make sense to me since the beginning. But it took me some time to make the final decision that I would not undergo any conventional treatment. After I came back from Germany, shortly before the first lockdown, I informed my doctors about my decision. It has been a long journey, full of changes that are not so obvious from outside, but I can feel how many changes happened inside me. It was a process of unlearning things that did not serve me anymore, getting to know my true self, understanding life, the Universe, relationships… It has been an amazing journey full of extraordinary experiences that is sometimes beyond our understanding. But also, a journey full of pain because this is how we get lessons about life. If it doesn’t hurt, we do nothing about that. We stay in dysfunctional relationships, we stay at work that doesn’t fulfil us, we spend time with the wrong people… The year 2022 started very well. But April brought a first turbulence. At the end of April, I went for an Ayahuasca ceremony, and because I knew that I still had problems with self-love, I asked the medicine to show me where is my self-love and to help me find it. If you have experience with this kind of medicine, then you know that some work is done during the process at the ceremony, and the rest has to be done in real life. So, I got what I asked for. Life showed me where my self-love was; it showed me what the relationships were about around me, where my energy was going, and that I was receiving nothing back… It was the hardest period of my life. I kind of knew that everything was happening for a reason, but it was hard to see a light in the tunnel at that time. At the end of Summer, I met Matt. He had no idea what I was going through. We saw each other for the first time, and we just had a friendly chat. He invited me to his group Breathwork session. I had experienced one holotropic breathwork session in the past, before this, but I did not know what to expect from group sessions. What impressed me first was that Matt is very organised. I really appreciate that. You come, things are ready, he gives you all the information that you need. It made me feel that I was in good hands. I could see that he knew what he was doing. I could also see his passion about helping people and doing these sessions with the best interest for people. I was impressed by how deep these breathwork sessions were, how far your consciousness can get during the session, and how much benefit you can get from it. The music was a huge part of the process, and the playlists were always very well prepared. And now about my own experience, I have to say that Matt came to my life just on time. I believe that it was meant to happen, and the sessions helped me in many different ways. During the first session I achieved the state where I felt the essence of my soul. In other words, I could feel my true self. It was very important for me. I am an empath, and what empaths do (very often without knowing), they connect energetically to other people, and then they lose control of what belongs to them and what belongs to other people. After the turbulent period of time, I needed to get my energy back, to get back the awareness of who I was. I really got from the session what I needed at that time. So, I found the first session very beneficial, and I knew immediately that I would come back. I attended another session the following week, and I experienced an out-of-body experience. (I knew this already from a previous mushroom ceremony). This was next-level from the first session. Not only could I feel, again, my true self, but I could also feel the beauty of unconditional love that fills the heart with so much love that you feel immediately the healing effect. I think I attended the next session two weeks later. This time, I received an amazing healing of emotions that I still felt after a breakup that happened. This breakup was very tough for me, and even though I did not regret the loss of that person, it was hard not to feel the pain. During the breathwork session, I received an understanding of what happened and why, I forgave the person and moved on with my life. I am not in touch with this person anymore, I don’t miss him, and I did not change my opinion about him. But I don’t carry the burden from that breakup anymore. I understood that it was a lesson that I needed to learn. Actually, this person helped me to get my self-love back. When you start seeing your losses like your blessings, it means that you have made real progress in your life. I did a few more sessions after this one. And they brought me again the sense of my true self. If it was the only benefit that I would get from the breathwork, I would keep coming back. Because I find it very important to practise this awareness of who we really are, to separate from emotions and programmes. It helps us to see life from a different perspective and to stay connected to our self. I highly recommend breathwork sessions with Matt. And I can’t wait when I have an opportunity to go for another session.”



Finally Understanding What it is to Be Present

Throughout my years and years of practising yoga, I would sit down to meditate and find myself unable to control my thoughts or ease up my mind. The more I tried, the more frustrated I became. But that quickly started to change once I discovered the power of conscious breathing before sitting down for meditation. I couldn’t believe the power of that practice and the positive effects it can have on one’s life. Learning to breathe consciously for me was a magical journey. It was a breakthrough to finally understand what it is to be present Meet Your Inner Healer with Shamanic Breathwork 55 and grounded. What it means to truly believe that everything you really need is already inside you. The more I quietened down and focused on my breath, the calmer I became. Even after a few minutes of practice, my mind was clearer, and my heart rate was substantially lower. The more I practised conscious breathing, the more I became connected to myself, the more grateful I was for everything I had, and the more I let go of worries, expectations, validation, and things that were no longer serving me. Meditations have finally become more accessible. Then, I meet Matthieu and his Breathwork sessions. I’ve always been a fan of holistic treatments, especially group ones. I firmly believe that when we sit in a group, we connect with others and energy flow becomes a powerful tool. That breathwork session was unlike anything I had ever experienced. A powerful flow of energy is generated by conscious breathing, a deeper connection within yourself and a deep dive into the unknown. The prana flows freely throughout the body bringing physical sensations such as heat, cold, tingling, numbness, and pain. Then there are the emotional feelings, which can include abstract visions, memories of past experiences or unhealed traumas, and a lot of different emotions – you laugh, you cry, you relive, you revive, you heal. You let go of the old, you make room for the new. You dive deep into the unknown, trusting that you will be safe and that you are sharing your energy with others who are also looking for healing and connection. The energy in the room intensifies. The power of a room full of people and the beat of the music help you to dive deep within yourself. Feel, receive, observe, let it go and repeat. The more you practice, the deeper you go, the more you heal. The more connected you become, the more your reveal. What the Heck is Breathwork? Breathing is our main source of energy. It is the most basic requirement for survival. Master your breathing, and you may be able to master your mind.



By the pure power of my breath, I was able to go deep, face my demons, and let them go

Working with Matt just happened intuitively. I met him during a tantra retreat, we started talking, and somehow it flowed naturally that he would guide me through rebirth breathwork. One of the important things for me was the feeling of safety and comfort, allowing myself to let go of control, knowing that I would be fully supported and cared for. In my experience, the journey through breathwork is important, but equally as important are the set, setting, and the facilitator. Matt created a safe, comfortable environment for me, where I could be myself with no judgement. He embodied loving presence and guided me onto my journey. At the beginning, I was just focusing on my body, my breath, but slowly, slowly, the shackles of my consciousness were being broken open. Every breathwork session I had was different, and every time, I felt I was releasing more emotional blockages and connecting more with my core self. Having been on the healing path for a while, and having experimented with various conventional and unconventional healing methods, I could compare breathwork with ayahuasca. However, I felt that breathwork was a lot more powerful for me because I did it alone, without being assisted by any plant medicine. It was by the pure power of my breath that I was able to go deep, face my demons, and let them go. Of course, ayahuasca and breathwork are different healing methods, but somehow, I found them comparable. I was impressed by what I could achieve simply by using my breath. I would have never thought that simply breathing could allow me to access part of my trauma, release it, let go, and find new meaning in life. After every breathwork session, I felt full of life, love, and hope. Even though sometimes the journey was not easy, the end result was always love, compassion and peace.



Be brave and slowly find your way to the pieces of yourself

My name is Inga, and I was born in Lithuania. I could stop at that and say, ‘Lived happily ever after since’, but we humans need to make this a little bit more complicated 🙂 So, human life happened. I was raised in an unpredictable home (to say the least), witnessing continuous violence, addictions at home, and all the other stuff that comes with it. Safety was something I didn’t get to experience or develop while growing up. Then life goes on. Here you are, an adult, stumbling along with the imprints of intense fear in the world that doesn’t feel safe. But something keeps you going. There is this deeper knowing that there is more, so much more! I went on the journey of discovery for pieces of myself that I knew I had lost along the way. Discovery was messy, with loads of trial and error – but I was brave. I tried different techniques and also explored the path of plant medicine, where I put myself into the deep end, cut myself raw open, without feeling my inner core and safety. I learned my biggest life lessons there – to trust myself and safety always first. Ok, what now? Do I limit myself and keep myself cocooned for life? But what about the part of me that wants to explore, has zest for life, and wants to peep outside to see what’s there? No, I don’t give up, I do it my way, and that is – slowly, the way that feels safe for me. Matt and I have been friends for a good few years now. As two spirited people, we got to explore things together and watch each other’s journeys. His groundedness and safe presence are felt the minute you meet him, and I am blessed to have him as my friend. When he trained as a breathwork facilitator and went through that journey himself, I couldn’t help but get curious myself. What can be a safer way to explore the deeper layers of yourself and get into your body than the life force itself – your own breath? With my own trust now and Matt’s sensitivity and care, we both knew that we needed to do it slowly. Our first session was one-to-one, as doing it with a group was a step too far just yet (for me). The moments that I was scared to go beneath the paralysing fear, I knew I was choosing how deep I wanted to go with my own breath. And I had Matt, his grounded, safe presence. I felt truly safe. What can I say… It was beautiful! The feelings, sensations, visions that lie beyond the mind. Reconnecting with the overwhelming joy and love that was guarded for so long. The following week I felt ready to dip my toes in the group breathwork facilitated by Matt. This is something that doesn’t come naturally to me, and it is ongoing learning slowly to feel safe around others and allowing myself to be seen. Trust yourself (life) to fi nd a way that is right for you. Yes, fear is really strong, but you know what is even stronger? Love. Stay brave and keep breathing 🙂



One of the best experiences of my life

It was meant to happen. We were meant to crash into each other’s life. Tulsi, Rishikesh, India was our setting, and “Would you like some honey?” was the excuse. This is how we met. Matt had just arrived in town while I had been living in the place for two months by then. He straight away gave me a positive impression, and it wasn’t a surprise that we hung out many times on different occasions. As many of us being in Rishikesh, I was looking for spiritual experiences which could help me to dig into myself. Yoga, sound healing, ceremonies, tantric dance... Breathwork…I didn’t know about its existence till I met Matt. After fulfilling my curiosity, I had the luck of joining one group session, and it was definitely one of the strongest experiences of my life. I am quite a sensitive person, and it’s hard for me to surrender. My mind is strong, and it always wants to control without letting me just be. So, it was difficult for me not to be scared, not to step back... and difficult to trust. Having Matt being so clear, so professional, so caring, allowed me to overcome all these feelings and thoughts. After that session, I became more and more interested in the practice, and we did some one-to-one work as well. I’m deeply thankful because I discovered a new world, something that I would like to keep developing, not just as a practitioner but as a facilitator as well. Last but not least, I found a friend who became part of my spiritual path development.



The power of breathwork

Because life always does things right and nothing happens in our lives for no reason. It is through beautiful encounters that I had the chance to discover, to experience the practice of breathwork.
Although having heard of it before, it was a subject that remained rather unclear to me.
How consciously working on my breathing could radically change the perception I have of life and of myself?
My curiosity and my desire to learn about my person were reasons for this first
essay; and, from… the magic to operated!
The transformative power of breath. Relearn, learn to breathe consciously. Come back to me, in my body, in my breath, here and now. Finding the strength and the courage to look deep within myself.
Do we consciously or unconsciously let our trauma define who we are? Do we not have the possibility to expel this and to embody, finally, our own reality?
My breath, my body, my reality. Lying there, on my mat, I learn to let go. I let fly away these emotions buried inside me that I have kept for so many years. I make room for something new, something brighter. An energy whose intensity I could not describe to you through a few lines invaded my body. I feel it tingle my fingers, invade my hands, forearms, arms. Go back to my heart. It's warm in my stomach but my body is shivering with cold. My third eye chakra is more present than ever and my crown chakra is connected to the entire universe. My body acts as a channel, I receive, I observe, I let things happen. Between visions, divine connection and difficult emotions that come to the surface, I try to stay present, I continue to breathe.
The beauty of the group energy around me. All connected by our common pains and wounds but at the same time aware that we have to work alone. I learn. I become aware and experience the importance of being linked to myself before connecting to the other. Between exhaustion and feeling of peace, slowly I return to my uncontrolled breathing.
Feeling of emptiness? Clearer and calmer mind? Devastated? Happier? No session is alike but they all complement each other.
My advice: Give up. Do not expect anything from the upcoming session but live it in full consciousness.
Lowering my heart rate tells my brain that I am safe, heals trauma, enhances our spiritual experiences and connection to the divine. Practicing safely with trusted professionals always helps you go a little further. It's time to embody your own reality, the world is in front of you.
“I opened doors to my world that I never knew existed. Thank you Matthieu”
Forever grateful.


Powerful, transformative, & healing exercise that I would highly recommend to everyone.

The first time I had heard of breathwork I was so intrigued. I thought “but we’re always breathing!” Of course, it is our body’s innate response to survive, to breathe. What I never thought of was breathing consciously. To bring your full awareness to your breath. To breathe fully, with intention. In 2021, I experienced my first breathwork session on a beach in far north Queensland with a group of friends I worked with, listening to Wim Hof on YouTube. After that I was hooked. I think about how I breathe now every day. How important it is to breathe fully and deeply. To use all of our lungs and our belly. The calm it brings. The stress it relieves. It brings about a silence in me that I didn’t know was there. It makes me feel light and energised. It makes me feel whole and brings clarity in thoughts and feelings. I love the feeling while retaining my breath and then becoming aware of all the parts of my body and all the feelings. There are so many ways to breathe consciously. I loved the Wim Hof method from the start and still do. I have only ever tried a different kind of breathwork with my brother, Matthieu. It opened my mind even more to the world. It is such an innate magical power we have as human beings that we don’t ever really think about. Until I attended Matthieu’s workshop, I have never experienced before what breathwork can actually bring about in comparison to what I was doing with the YouTube videos on my own. It is such a powerful, transformative, and healing exercise that I would highly recommend to everyone. Thank you to my big brother for everything and for always being there for anything I need. I have seen the transformation breathwork has brought to him on his journey, and it has been wonderful to watch. Thank you. Namaste. All the love



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